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Eating Disorder Treatment Center

Struggling with disordered eating is painful, frustrating and exhausting. It is common to feel ashamed, alone and stuck. Friends and family may try to help, but they don’t always know how to best support you. Let us be your guide to recovery.

At La Luna Center, we specialize in and truly understand eating disorders. We are a warm and experienced team of experts equipped with tools to help you change. We know that each person's struggle is unique and we tailor support to your individual needs.  With us you will feel understood and supported, never pressured or forced to change. At La Luna Center we believe that freedom from disordered eating is possible and we are committed to helping you reclaim your life.

Our therapists are compassionate, knowledgeable and relatable. Many of us have our own recovery history. We really “get it.” Together we offer a team approach to treatment if you need it. Having a team work closely together to support your recovery can greatly accelerate the process. 

La Luna Center’s space is beautiful, spa-like and intimate. Walk through our doors, pour yourself a cup of herbal tea, listen to soothing music and settle in to a comfy chair while you await your appointment.  Here you will feel safe, nurtured and supported. You are not alone in your struggle. We can help.  

“Congratulations! Just getting here is huge! I hope you find compassion for yourself and your past. Challenge yourself daily & connect to the little part of you that brought you to La Luna.” - Sarah (former client)
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