La Luna Center

Boulder Eating Disorder Treatment

La Luna Center offers ongoing Recovery Support Groups.

Our Support groups provide group members time to share and receive support around experiences, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors related to recovery and their treatment process. Group is a place to give and receive support, practice effective communication and problem solving, and share challenges, successes, insights, and new experiences as they emerge. Groups usually run 1x/week for 8-12 weeks. The cost is $50/group, and group size is limited. Call for availability.

Groups are helpful in the eating disorder recovery process in a number of ways:

  • Group helps decrease feelings of isolation, loneliness and shame.
  • Group allows you to connect with others who truly understand your struggle with disordered eating.
  • Group helps to improve self-awareness, increase motivation for change, and provide an additional source of accountability.
  • Groups provide a safe place for you to develop and practice effective relationship and communication skills.  

“I was fearful of opening up to a group of strangers, but I pushed myself to be real and take up space.  It felt safe and supportive to be with people who really understood what I was going through and the therapists were super encouraging.  I ended up loving group and getting a lot out of it. ” -Emma (former client)

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