La Luna Center

Boulder Eating Disorder Treatment

Individual Therapy

La Luna Center offers individual therapy from a variety of highly qualified therapists with extensive experience in the treatment of disordered eating and related conditions. 

Finding the Right Therapist

We know that the recovery process from disordered eating can be greatly assisted by the support of an individual therapist. We also know that it is important to feel comfortable with your individual therapist in order to have a good working relationship. For this reason, La Luna Center provides a FREE initial consultation to help determine the appropriate individual therapist for you. 

Cost/Insurance Options

La Luna Center offers individual therapy with a variety of therapists.  Individual therapy is fee for service, meaning you pay at the time of service. If you have mental health benefits through your health insurance, you may be reimbursed for all or part of the fee. 

When you call to schedule your initial consultation, we can collect your insurance information to check your benefits.

“I’d been to therapy before, but didn’t find it that helpful. I really like the way La Luna got me matched with a true eating disorder therapist that I really clicked with. It was SO different, and I actually looked forward to seeing my therapist every week. She was awesome and really helped me recover.” – Alyssa (former client)

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